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The Nightingale Türkçe


Once upon a time there was a king. This king lived in a very beautiful palace. There were a lot of lovely flowers in the garden of the palace. There were silver bells on each flower.  The King put them there. When it blew, everyone heard the bells ringing and locked at the flowers. The garden was very big. Nobody knew how big it was. There was a beautiful wood and the sea at the end of the garden.

The wood went down to sea. Large ships could come near the trees. A lovely little bird lived in that forest. Its house was on one of these trees. This bird was a nightingale. It sang beautifully. A poor fisherman who always came to that forest loved the nightingale singing a lot. He stood there and listened to it.

People from many other countries came to the King’s city, they told the King how much they liked the city, but when they heard the little bird, they all liked it much more than the King’s garden and house. And they spoke about the bird for a long time. The man who visited the King’s city wrote a lot about the nightingale.

People in the other countries read those books. Once the King saw one of these books, he began to read it. He was very pleased to read good things about the place he lived, buy suddenly he saw these words: “ Nothing is as good as the nightingale. “

The king was surprised. “ What is this ? “ he said. “Does this bird live in my garden ? Why haven’t I heard it ? Can there be a bird like this in my country? It’s strange. We learn a lot of from the book. “

Then the King called one of his servants. “I’ve read in one of the books that there is a very good singing bird in my garden. They say it sings more beautifully than anything they have ever listened to. Why haven’t I heard of this bird ? Why didn’t anybody tell this to me ? “

The servant was not aware of the bird, either. “ No one has brought it to see me. “ said the servant.

The King was getting angry. “ Take this bird here tonight. I want to head it singing. “

“ Sir, I’ve never heard about that bird and I have never seen it either. If I can find it, I’ll immediately take it here tonight. “

After talking to the King, the servant began to think. He asked everyone, but nobody in the palace heard about it. He looked everywhere, but he could not find it. Then he went back to the King, and said, “ There is no nightingale here. No one has ever seen it or heard of it. “

“ One of my friends sent this book to me. It is written here. There must be a bird like this. You must find it tonight and bring it here. If the nightingale doesn’t come, I can’t guess what I will do. “ said the King in a very angry voice.

The servant ran about again. He ran through the palace, and the other servants ran, too. They didn’t want the king to be angry, because he could do very bad things when he was angry.

At last, the servant found a poor girl who worked in the palace. She helped to cook the King’s food. They asked her if she knew anything about the nightingale.

“ Do you want to mean the nightingale that sings in the wood near the sea ? Yes, I know it. Oh, it sings very well. Every night I go through the wood. I take some food to my ill mother. I take the food that the King doesn’t eat. My mother lives near the sea. So when I walk through the wood, I hear the bird singing there. I sit down for a while and listen to it. It takes me cry every night. “

“ Little girl ! “ said the servant. “ Please, take us to that bird. It is very important for us. “

The other servants and the King’s friends went with the girl. When they heard a cow, the servants and the King’s friends stopped and said, “ Yes, we’ve heard it somewhere before. “

The little girl laughed. “ Oh, no. It is not what we are looking for. It is a cow not a nightingale. We are still long way from the place. “

They went on walking. When they came near a river they heard some frogs.

“ Now, I can hear it. “ said one of the servants. “ It’s just like the noise made by bells.”

“ No, those are frogs. “ said the little girl.

“ But don’t worry. We are very close to it. “

Then the small bird began to sing.

“ There it is ! “ the little girl said. She pointed to a little bird in one of the trees.

“ Is that the nightingale that is singing ? “ asked the servant. “ It doesn’t look very pretty it is like all the other birds. “

“ Hello ! Little, pretty nightingale! “ the girl called out. “ Our King has heard about you, so he wants  you to sing for him. He wonders about your voice.”

“ I’ll be very happy to sing to the King. “ the nightingale said. Then it began to sing. All of the servants were very pleased to listen to it.

“It is just like glass bells, “ said the servant “ why haven’t we heard it before ? It will make the King and all his friends very happy.

“ Shall I sing again to the King ? Isn’t the King here with you ?” said the little bird.

“ Pretty little bird ! The King didn’t come here. He wanted you to go to his palace and sing there for him. Then you will make the King and all his friends very happy.” the servant said.

“ I have never sung in a palace before. I’m used to singing in these green trees. I am not sure if I can sing somewhere else.” said the bird. But it went with the servants to the king when it heard that the King wanted it to go to him.


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