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Hint Sinemaseverler Neden Süt Çalıyor? (İngilizce Haber)

Milk traders in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu have complained to police over the rampant theft of milk ahead of movie releases in the state. Milk traders say they face heavy losses as a result. On certain religious occasions, Hindus pour milk over idols of deities but many fans have adopted this practice in the hope that a …

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KFC’de Tünel (İngilizce Haber)

Police find a tunnel. It is on the border between the USA and Mexico. It starts in a house in Mexico. It leads to a KFC restaurant in the USA. The restaurant is old and closed. This is a tunnel for smuggling drugs. Police arrest the KFC’s owner. However, they want to find more guilty people. Making …

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Düzelen Ozon Tabakası (İngilizce Haber)

ozon layer

English News(İngilizce Haber): It was in the 1980s that many of us became aware that small individual actions could harm the planet itself. Hairsprays were cited as one of the causes of the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer. People were told to wear sunscreen to avoid skin cancer as …

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