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The Emperor’s New Clothes Türkçe

Once upon a time on emperor lived in a country. His most favorite hobby was clothes. He liked clothes very much. Everyday he bought some new clothes. He never wore the same clothes for more than an hour each day. Everybody in the country knew his interest and came to …

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The Boy Who Painted Cats Türkçe

Once upon a time, a poor farmer and his wife lived in a small village in Japan. They were very nice people that they were loved by everyone in the village. They had many children, and it was difficult to feed them good food. When the oldest son was fourteen, …

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Will you tell me a story this evening, father? asked William P. a fine lad of twelve years of age, the son of General William P. who had been a gallant officer in the revolutionary war. “And what story shall I tell you, my son?” said the general. “Something about …

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  My name is Ismail. I’m going to tell you the story of my journey I had a few years ago. When I‘m broke or want something different, I always look for a ship to sail in the sea. I don’t get on a ship where rich people travel and …

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The Nightingale Türkçe

THE  NIGHTINGALE Once upon a time there was a king. This king lived in a very beautiful palace. There were a lot of lovely flowers in the garden of the palace. There were silver bells on each flower.  The King put them there. When it blew, everyone heard the bells …

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